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Hello, Nice to Meet you. My name is Giana Gambino. I am a yoga teacher sharing my love for yoga through classes, retreats, teacher training, and most recently a podcast. Here you can find out about my upcoming events or sign up for my newsletter for more content.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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Giana Gambino turned to yoga in college as a way to ease stress and move through grief. Truthfully, it wasn't love at first practice, but after years of trying different styles and forms of yoga things began to click. As the more spiritual components of the practice intrigued her, she sought out more information on yoga history and philosophy, which led her to enroll in her first teacher training program. With no intention to teach afterward, she was unexpectedly thrown into It when a teacher at her local studio did not show up for class. The joy of sharing her passion with others felt natural, and she's been teaching ever since. Throughout the last ten years, Giana's taught in South Florida, San Francisco, and Chicago. She hosts retreats, leads workshops and trainings, and recently started a yoga-based podcast, The Funny Thing About Yoga.

Giana's classes aim to provide a safe space where all feel welcome, supported, and challenged. She believes in meeting students where they are to build them up and she's invested in their growth. Her lighthearted and technical approach is rooted in the Hatha Vinyasa lineage, yet encompasses influences from other movement modalities that help bring balance to the practice. She holds over 1,000 hours of training and studied under Jason Crandell, Judith Hanson Lasatar, and Janet Stone.  

Practice with Giana to feel inspired and encouraged, while engaging just the right amount of challenge to help reveal your strength and resiliency. 

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